3D Scaning Facility

    A professional high performance 3D scanner to bring new innovation of high speed handheld HD and fixed scan with large scan range.

    Scan Mode

    Handheld HD Scan

    Handheld Rapid Scan

    Fixed Scan with Turntable

    Fixed Scan without Turntable

    Single Shot Accuracy


    0.3 mm

    0.05 mm

    0.05 mm

    Scan Speed

    550,000 points/sec

    450,000 points/sec

    Single Scan<2s

    Single Scan<2s

    Point Distance

    0.2 – 3 mm

    0.7 – 3mm

    0.24 mm

    0.24 mm

    Special Objects for Scanning: For the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before scanning

    Single Scan Range: 300×170 mm

    Printable Data Output: Yes

    Will be updated soon
    Will be updated soon
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