PCB Printing Facility

    LPKF ProtoMat S63
    The ProtoMat S63 is the ideal system for fully automatic PCB prototyping applications with speed and accuracy. Perfectly suited equipment for Dual layer- and RF applications where the high rotational speed ensures the fine structures of up to 100 μm required by many modern applications.

    Build Dimension: 229 x 305 x 35/22 mm (9” x 12” x 1.4”/0.9”)

    Resolution (X/Y): 0.5 μm (0.02 mil)

    Milling spindle: Max. 60 000 rpm, software controlled

    Tool change: Automatic, 15 positions

    Milling width adjustment: Automatic

    Drilling speed: 120 strokes/min

    Travel speed (X/Y): Max. 150 mm/s (6”/s)

    ZMorph VX
    A Closed Loop System and construction designed to deliver a high-speed PCB printing to develop your own electronics circuit board.

    Work Area: 250 x 235 x 165 mm

    Precisely machined aluminum X carriage, rigid and durable.

    Supported materials: copper laminates materials

    Mechanical positioning precision: 14 microns for X and Y axes, 0.6 microns for the Z axis.

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